Kneipp therapy

Treading water on the basis of the theory of Sebastian Kneipp helps stimulating circulation and arterial blood flow.

The Kneipp therapy is based on a very simple principle, that is to say it is all about treading cold water, pulling out your complete leg from the water, with the forward section of your foot bent downward. After about half a minute you perceive a sensation of cold in your lower legs and feet, now you leave the water in order to shortly warm your legs. This sequence is repeated, after undergoing this hydrotherapy, cast your skin.

Trading water stimulates your circulation and arterial blood flow and it also helps preventing varices. This type of hydrotherapy, carried out in the evening, might also get you falling asleep easier. Moreover the Kneipp therapy is also applied in people suffering from migraine and is supposed to strengthen the bodies’ defense.

By the way, the mountain streams of South Tyrol, as well as the mountain lakes or other watercourses are ideal for kneipping in the great outdoors. Moreover there are several public Kneipp facilities such as at the shores of the pond of Fiè allo Sciliar, in Varna or in Villabassa.

  1. Kneipp für mich active park Villabassa

    Kneipp für mich active park Villabassa

    Revitalising for body and soul is a visit to the first “Kneipp für mich” Active…

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