Grape cure

Originating in Merano, after more than one hundred years of practice, still today the grape cure is very popular in South Tyrol.

Grapes are not only a tasty treat for your palate, but also a recognised remedy due to its biologic qualities. Suitable for grape cures are the Großvernatsch grape of Merano, its sugar content is between 14 and 20%. Also organic acids such as volatile acidity, citric acid and mineral salts are contained in the grapes. This unique constellation is completed by a series of vitamins.

The grape cure consists of a daily feed of 300 - 1,000 g of grapes, distributed over two meals, one in the morning on empty stomach (also as freshly squeezed juice), another before a modest dinner, or in the afternoon. After eating, we recommend a short walk. Please note that grape cure does not only mean that you exclusively have to eat grapes.

By the way: In various wellness facilities in South Tyrol, also body wraps with grape cures, baths with fresh grape juice and back massages with grape oil are offered.

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