Europa - Novacella

The rather young city district Europa-Novacella developed in a wetland characterised by vine-growing.

Europa Novacella emerged out of a vine-growing area and has become the home of lots of people in the course of the 29th century. Today it is one of the most densely populated districts of Bolzano. The name Europa-Novacella is made up of the residential buildings in the Viale Europa and the Augustinian monastery.

The Augustinian monks of the convent of Novacella near Bressanone purchased this wetland in the 17th century and named it “Mariaheim”. In the 30s the fascists had the settlement “Littorio” build round this area. After the liberation the former “Piazza Littorio” was re-named after the anti-fascist Matteotti, who was murdered in this violent period.

The centre of this district is the Cristallo theatre, which has become the meeting point for lovers of culture. This facility by the way also hosts the reception of citizens of the city district Europa-Novacella.