The quarter of Sinigo is located only 4 km from the city centre of Merano.

Only a stone’s throw from the city of Merano, there is the quarter of Sinigo, which is a little village in the Val d’Adige.

It was established in the period of fascism in Italy, around 1920, when the marshy meadows in this area were credited by the “Opera nazionale combattenti”. This is where they built new residential areas, mainly for the working class families coming from Italy. First this area used to be called “Borgo Vittoria”, while later this name was changed into Sinigo. The families that settled in this area were mainly working in the nearby fertilizer plant of the Montecatini. In this period of time also kindergardens, schools and further facilities were built.

Today Sinigo is a small, charming suburb of Merano, surrounded by fruit orchards and vineyards. Instead of the fertilizer plant, the solar panel entreprise Memc settled down in this place.

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