Maia Alta

Maia Alta, also called the mansion district of Merano, is located in the east of the Passirio river.

“Castrum Maiense”, this is how the first settlement in the area of Merano used to be called. Still today parts of this name are recognizable in the toponym of Maia Alta. This charming quarter, also called the mansion district, is located in the east of the Passirio river, where the valley basing starts elevating towards the Monte Scena and Merano Montefranco. Lordly residences and castles characterise this quarter.

Already in early times aristocrats appreciated this charming area and used to spend some days right here. Also the Austrian empress Elizabeth used to sojourn in this charming spot of land, in order to enjoy the mild climate and the Mediterranean parks. Very close, there is Castel Trauttmansdorff with its famous botanic gardens. Also the formation centre Castel Pianzau or Castel Rubein deserve a visit.

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