Above the village of Missiano, there is the mighty Castel d’Appiano.

An idyllically located village between San Paolo and Riva di Sotto is called Missiano, extending at 388 m asl. Nestling between forests, vineyards and apple orchards, Missiano is the ideal spot of land for relaxing. The hikes to the Macaion or the Mendola mountain can be started right here.

The mighty parish church on the little village square is dedicated to S. Apollonia, while its second patron saint is S. Zeno. Constructed in the 15th century, this church was repeatedly converted. Another highlight of Missiano is Castel d’Appiano, seeming to guard the village. The famous castle walk “Dreiburgenwanderung” also starts in Missiano and takes hikers to three different castles, that is to say to Castel Corba, Castel d’Appiano and Castel Boymont.

Our tip: farm holidays in Missiano. Enjoy the fresh products directly at the farms, taste local vegetables and fruits from the garden. Holidays for body and soul.

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  1. Hotel Schloss Korb

    Hotel Schloss Korb

  2. Angerheim


  3. Weinhof Kager

    Weinhof Kager

  4. Unterbichl-Hof


  5. Tschaihof


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