Favogna di Sopra

On the Favogna plateau, high above the Valle dell’Adige, there is the small but mighty village of Favogna di Sopra.

The little village of Favogna di Sopra is located at 1,200 m asl and is accessible via a panoramic road stretching about 13 km and starting from the village of Cortaccia. Beside Favogna di Sopra, also Favogna di Sotto is located on the homonymous plateau, the latter, however is part of the municipality of Magré.

The centre of the village, however, is its little church dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (1,690 m), as well as a few buildings constructed round the sacred building. Only a stone’s throw away, there is Castel Ulmburg, which is a summer retreat castle in pure Renaissance style.
In the 80s, in Fennhals a sensational finding was made: Luis Hauser, an inhabitant of Cortaccia discovered a Bronze Age copper melting site with several well-preserved melting furnaces dating back to about 1,500 BC.

If you would like to hike, we recommend you to walk to the giant sequoia trees that were planted on the occasion of the coronation of the Austrian emperor Franz Josef in 1908.

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