Salorno village

The historical centre of Salorno village is characterised by archways, to which even a festival is dedicated.

Salorno, located at 224 m asl, is surrounded by orchards and vineyards. The last village in the south of South Tyrol is typified by ancient residences as well as Renaissance and Baroque buildings. The facades and archways are lushly adorned and still today architecture reflects the influence of Italian master-builders. A majestic castle, Castello di Salorno, rises on a rock spur high above the village. Slightly beneath, behind the village, you can admire a gorgeous waterfall.

Also Albrecht Dürer, perhaps the greatest German artist of the Renaissance era, left his mark in Salorno: due to floodings on his journey to Venice he had to take the road via Salorno and Val di Cembra valley. This route is today known as “Dürerweg/Sentiero del Dürer” hiking trail, including also sections of the European Long-Distance Hiking Trail E5.

Our tip: Visit the S. Andrea parish church, boasting a particular organ, as well as a visit of the archway festival, which is held at Whitsun.

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