Valtina is located on a sun-drenched slope of the Val Passiria at 1,269 m asl.

Second only to the chief village, Valtina is the largest village belonging to San Leonardo. Most of the farms date back to the 13th century, all of them are managed in a traditional way, as agriculture has still got an important role to play, also regarding the preservation of the cultural landscape. In daily life, the inhabitants are steeped in customs and tradition.

Among the 70 inhabitants of Valtina, there are also two famous personalities, that is to say the former provincial Landtag Eva Klotz and the ski racer Werner Heel.

The village is an ideal starting point for mountain tours, from easy to challenging. There is for instance a round trail of 12 km, from Valtina to the Sailertaljoch pass at 2,359 m asl, down to the Bärengrübl to S. Anna and back to the village. The sports offer in winter is completed by the nearby Giovo-Racines skiing area.

Suggested accommodation: Valtina

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