Malles village

Malles, the main place of the municipality of Malles was known as a village with seven towers, of which five can still be admired today.

The 2,317 m high Pizzo Lun guards the main place of the municipality of Malles from above. Located at 1,066 m asl at the eastern valley border. The significance of Malles for the entire region of the Alta Val Venosta, that is to say the upper section of the valley, results from its strategic position in terms of traffic: those who drive to Austria via Resia, or via Münstair to Switzerland, need to pass Malles. Also in local public transport, Malles has an important role to play as terminal of the Val Venosta train and the bus services to Switzerland and Austria.

When in the 17th century the empress De Medici conceded two markets to Malles, that is to say the S. George’s market and the Golli market, the village started to be on the upswing. The seven towers of the market town could be considered a symbol of power, five of them were still preserved after the French war: the tower of the Maria Assunta church, of the S. Benedictine church dating back to the Carolingian era, S. Martino of the 12th century, S. Giovanni and the tower of the Fröhlichsburg ruin.

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