Prato village

The settlement of Prato is located on the debris cone of the Solda river. The village boasts an exemplary combination of modern and historic elements.

The village of Prato is located at the entrance of the Solda and Trafoi valleys, on the orographic right riverside of the Solda river, at 915 m asl. Its name is supposed to derive from the Latin term “prata“, which means meadow.

There is much to see in the village: the Romanesque S. Johann church with its ancient frescoes, the modern Maria Regina church of the 50s of the 20th century as well as the national park visitors’ centre Aqua Prad, inaugurated in 2003. This museum is dedicated to the water as habitat in the Stelvio national park, and makes you admire several animals in aquariums. In the village of Agums, there is the S. Georg church.

However, also the cycle track Via Claudia Augusta runs through the village. In the east of Glorenza it branches off to the Prader Sand biotope, passes by the swimming pool of Prato and the centre, before it continues across fruit orchards towards Cengles.

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