Lana di Gais

The village of Lana di Gais is one of the most extreme examples for exposed mountain hamlets in South Tyrol.

Lana di Gais is located high above Villa Ottone, in extreme position. The farms of this settlement, once called “Lenepach“, are considered some of the most extreme in South Tyrol. The farms seem to hang on the slopes in order not to fall down into the valley. Also Oswald von Wolkenstein, the famous minne singer, considered Lana di Gais a steep place in his lyrics.

Also in spoken language there are several jokes about its position. A saying tells that no farmer in Lana di Gais dies simply in his bed, as eithere an avalanche or a tree trunk kill him, or he tumbles. Striktly speaking, there is no real sight in Lana di Gais, but the village itself.