Villa Ottone

Villa Ottone offers a homonymous castle that dates back to the 11th century.

Villa Ottone belongs to the municipality of Gais, has got about 840 inhabitants and is located at the same sea level. Once upon a time in Villa Ottone, there was the borderline between Tures (Tyrol) and Villa Ottone-Neuhaus (Gorizia). In the 11th century, the lords of Villa Ottone had a castle built, which still today can be seen above the village.

Likewise impressive is the parish church of Villa Ottone, dedicated to S. Margareth and constructed in the place where a former sacred building was destroyed by a lightning stroke.

A tour along the cycle track of the Val Pusteria, a walk to Brunico, rafting or trekking, Gais offers various possibilities for your leisure activities. In winter the skiing areas Plan de Corones, Klausberg and Speikboden can be reached within a short time.

High above Villa Ottone, there is the group of farms Anewandt, whose farms area spread up to an altitude of 1,500 m asl and which represents a sight of the special kind.

Suggested accommodation: Villa Ottone

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