Scaleres is a mountain hamlet and a good starting point for mountaineering in the Sarentino Alps.

Scaleres is located at 1,035 m asl and has got some 278 inhabitants. This mountain village can be reached via a small and narrow road taking its course from the main village of Varna. By the way, there is no straight-on in Scaleres, or you walk up, or you walk down.

The parish church of Scaleres is dedicated to S. Wolfgang and is located along the road and was consecrated in 1436. If you proceed, you reach a hikers’ parking space, starting point for a series of hikes. From this place you can for example walk to the lakes Laghi Gelati, located between Scaleres and Valdurna in Val Sarentino. Also the Corno del Ceppo belongs to the Sarentino Alps and is a popular destination for tours both in summer and winter.

Our tip: if you are lucky you can enjoy a traditional performance of the so-called “Schuhplatter” folk dance group of Scaleres. Enjoy tradition at first hand.

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