Punta Saldura

The 3,433 m high Punta Saldura in the southern Oetztal Alps, a popular mountain by ski tourers, is also known as ”Salurnspitze”.

In the Saldura ridge in the southern Oetztal Alps, the same-named Punta Saldura peak is located (Saldurspitze, in German). With the 5 m higher Lagaunspitze peak the mountain forms a double peak. The Punta Saldura and the other mountains of the Saldura ridge are surrounded by the Val di Mazia in the west and by the Val Senales in the east.

Already in 1853, the Punta Saldura was climbed for the first time in the context of land surveying. 20 years later, the first alpinists were hiking to the peak. Despite of its wonderful panoramic view, the Punta Saldura is an unfrequented mountain, because there are no mountain huts and villages in the proximity. The normal path proceeds from Maso Corto in the Val Senales via the Lazaun mountain hut and then via the north ridge up to the summit (about 5 hours walking time).

A hiking destination are the Saldura Lakes in the back Val di Mazia in the Val Venosta, a lake district beneath the glaciated Saldura peaks. On the way there you pass the Saldura Grounds, a very scenic high alpine rocky landscape with meadows. The lake district can be reached within approx. 3.5 hours.

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