The 3,436 m high Collalto is situated on the border of Italy and Austria, but its summit belongs to South Tyrolean territory.

With 3,436 m asl, Mt Collalto is the highest mountain of the Rieserferner Group and characterised by its shapely form and its famous north face. The German name Hochgall derives from the Old High German word “galla” which means “shiny, brilliant”. The mountain is part of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park.

The first ascent of this mountain dates back to August 3, 1868, when K. Hoffmann and V. Kaltendorff as well as the alpine guides G. Weiss and H. Oberarzbacher from Riva di Tures scaled this mountain for the first time. They arrived over the west flank and the north-west ridge to the summit. Already in 1854 the pilot officer Hermann van Acken and some assistants from the Defereggen valley (East Tyrol) tried to scale Mt Collalto along the north east ridge route, but they only reached the crest beneath the summit.

So far the Collalto has claimed several victims, as the two paths leading on the top of this mountain has often been undervalued. One of these starts at the Roma mountain hut (2,276 m asl) near Riva di Tures in the Valle di Tures and leads via the Dosso Grigio (3,084 m asl) to the north west chine and the summit. The other path starts in the Valle Anterselva at the Barmer mountain hut (2,160 m asl) and takes along the north east ridge to the summit, crossing the Riepenscharte saddle and the Patscher Kees glacier.

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