Dome in the Countryside

The parish church of the historical wine village S. Paolo in the Oltradige is called “Dome in the Countryside”.

S. Paolo belongs to the municipality of Appiano and is site of the “Dom auf dem Lande”, so to speak “Dome in the Countryside” or “Rural Cathedral” as the parish church seems to have been constructed for a huge city. It is consecrated to Pauli Conversion and located in the heart of the village. The huge bells in the 86 m high church steeple calls up for the Holy Mass with its deep tones.

In former times S. Paulo has been main village in the municipality of Appiano and numerous aristocrats have been settling down right here. As they wanted to manifest their wealth, they had this huge church constructed between 1484 and 1533 AD. The building time of the steeple lasted from the late 15th to 17th century, today it boasts Gothic and Baroque elements.

Particularly worth noticing is the sundial of 1718 and the monuments of the aristocratic families Firmian, Khuen and Thun. Another peculiarity: the parish church of S. Paolo is far and wide the only church that is dedicated to St Paul “only”. Normally St Paul is always mentioned related to St Peter.

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