High-rope course Terlano Xsund

The high-rope course Xsund in Terlano near Bolzano is integrated in a facility that is completely dedicated to well-being and health.

Courage, skilfulness, a healthy self-confidence and balance are only some of the skills that are trained and improved in the high-rope course Xsund adventure parcour in Terlano. What is going to expect you is a real thrill and an entertaining afternoon for the whole family. In the park you can overcome yourselves, fight against your weaker self acting on an altitude between 3 and 20 m above the ground. For kids, there is also a children’s course from 3 years of age, established in a hight between 1 and 2 m, with 15 elements to be overcome for the little ones. For adults, there are the white, green, blue, red and black courses.

Furthermore, the Freefall Adventure offers a 14 m free fall, a synthetic aramid rope provides a secure and soft landing. Part of the high-rope course is also a bow and arrow course that is equipped with 15 detailed 3-D animals. Sensofit, however, is a barefoot trail to sharpen your senses. The Xsund Wellness Club, River Boating on the Adige river between Lana and Bolzano as well as the “Burgkeller” tavern at the high-rope course compete the holistic offer for families in the Xsund leisure facility.

Opening hours: from March 17 to November 4, 2018
daily from 10 am to 6 pm
weekends from May to September till 7.30 pm
high summer daily till 7.30 pm
special opening: March 10-11 / Nov 11, 2018

28.00 Euros (adults), 9.00 Euros (kids course)
19.00 Euros (young people under 16 years)
family card available

Further information:
phone: +39 0471 257944, info@xsund.it

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