Bad weather tips

Also if the weather is absolutely bad, there is always much to do in your family holidays in South Tyrol.

Holidays with bag and baggage in South Tyrol? Great! Bad weather? Not that great, but these things happen. Don’t worry if your kids already start grizzling in the morning: “What are we gonna do today?” Finally South Tyrol offers lots of adventuresome possibilities also if the weather is bad, so don’t worry. For more information on the single possibilities, see our link box.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Schneeberg

    Hotel Schneeberg

  2. Hotel Torgglerhof

    Hotel Torgglerhof

  3. Hotel Golserhof

    Hotel Golserhof

  4. Hotel Edelweiss

    Hotel Edelweiss

  5. Naturhotel Rainer

    Naturhotel Rainer

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