Knight’s castles

Being a knight or damsel once in a lifetime, isn’t that a childhood dream? In South Tyrol, there are several knight’s castles that are interesting for kids.

Sooner or later, every child will dream about being a knight or a damsel on a beautiful fairytale castle, or to conquer the world on the horseback, right? South Tyrol is rich in castles of any dimension, some very interesting places, above all for kids, are presented below.

Castel Coira in Sluderno in the Val Venosta, provides an insight into the life at the castle in the 13th century. Particularly interesting is the armory, which is the largest private collection of arms in the world, that includes an almost complete equipment for the occupation of a castle with more than 50 armours, thrustings and swords. Your kids will absolutely be amazed, and you too. By the way, the highlight of Castel Coira are the Knight’s Games near the castle, taking place in August.

Also worth seeing is the armory and gun room of Castel Presule in Fiè allo Sciliar. In front of the beautifully located castle at the foot of the Sciliar, there is also much space for playing. In order that mum and dad can also enjoy the great view for a little while.

Worth a visit with all your family is also Castel Juval, the residence of Reinhold Messner in the Val Venosta. The MMM Juval museum is dedicated to the “Myth of the mountain”. Kids above all appreciate the little park with animals that live on the mountains. To complete the day, we recommend a stop at the Schlosswirt tavern, having some home-made products.

A little more eerie is a visit of Castel Tures in the Valli di Tures ed Aurina, where you are going to make a special experience. In the ward, kids are transformed in little ghosts, equipped with lanterns and made ready for the special guided tour. In this tour, kids are going to meet ghosts, gnomes and dwarfs, and they are accompanied by Lady Bountiful. By the way, mum and dad need to stay outside, when the tiny tots conquer the castle.

Further information:
Castel Coira, phone: +39 0473 615241
Castel Presule, phone: +39 0471 601062
Castel Juval, phone: +39 348 4433871
Castel Tures, phone: +39 0474 678053

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    San Martino in Passiria - Saltusio
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