Castel Juval MMM

Castel Juval enthrones the entrance to the Val Senales as well as the village of Juval which belongs to the municipality of Castelbello.

In all probability Castel Juval was built around 1250, while it was mentioned for the first time in 1278 when it was owned by Hugo von Montalban. In the 14th century the castle belonged to the possession of the Lords of Starkenberg. As the castle repeatedly changed hands in the course of time it started deteriorating. In 1913 the Dutchman William Rowland purchased the castle and refurbished it under the direction of the architect Adalbert Wietek from Merano.

In 1983 the South Tyrolean extreme Alpinist Reinhold Messner acquired the castle of the 13th century and restored it in a substantial manner. Since then Castel Juval is a museum, vineyard, biologic farm and a so-called “Buschenschank” tavern, all in one. Since 1995 it has been made open to the public.

“Myth of the mountain”, that’s how the museum in the castle, which by the way is integrated into the project “Messner Mountain Museum” (6 museums), is called. The museum includes the largest tibetica collection worldwide, a mask collection of five continents, as well as mountain photos exhibited at more floors. Moreover you can visit the expedition cellar of Messner as well as the “Cave of Enlightenment” and the “House of Trolls and Gnomes”. From the parking space at Juval you reach the castle by shuttle service or via the Waalwege paths of Stava and Ciardes.

Messner Mountain Museum Juval - opening hours and admission

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