Further family destinations

Family holidays in South Tyrol - and you don’t seek the thrill or animal experiences?

In this case we recommend you to discover the nature of South Tyrol and its natural jewels such as the earth pyramids. By the way, did you know that you can find fossil muscles in the mountains of South Tyrol, e.g. in the Rio delle Foglie gorge. Also theme paths and hikes such as the legend’s trail on the Salto near Bolzano make children’s hearts leap for joy.

Another topic for family getaways is the interesting history of South Tyrol. The period when museums were still something boring is over. Today the museums of South Tyrol involve their visitors with activities such doing handicrafts, archery or storytelling. Most of the museums also have special children’s programmes and offer family reductions. That’s real fun!

  1. Mines for kids

    Mines for kids

    A visit in one of the deep drifts of a mine is a special holiday experience for kids.
  2. Train World Rablà

    Train World Rablà

    In the Train World of Rablà, exhibiting detailled miniatures, adults again become kids.
  3. Kränzel labyrinth garden

    Kränzel labyrinth garden

    In Cermes in the surroundings of Merano, you can discover a piece of art in nature…
  4. Mills


    Splashing water, wheels moving, rivers for playing - mills are attractions, not…
  5. Nature parks for kids

    Nature parks for kids

    Daksy, the smart badger, walks abroad in the nature park visitor’s centres of South Tyrol.
  6. Knight’s castles

    Knight's castles

    Being a knight or damsel once in a lifetime, isn’t that a childhood dream? In South…
  7. Renon Train and Mendola Funicular

    Renon Train and Mendola Funicular

    Very special means of transport make a family getaway in South Tyrol a special experience.
  8. Boat trips

    Boat trips

    Water attracts the attention of adults and kids - what is particularly exciting is…
  9. Day trips with kids

    Day trips with kids

    Would you like to make a day trip beyond the provincial borders? Then we’ve got…
  10. Alpine Hut Taser

    Alpine Hut Taser

    Visit the hiking and family paradise Alpine Hut Taser, situated on the Mount Scena…

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Edelweiß

    Hotel Edelweiß

  2. Gallhaus


  3. Aktivhotel Zentral

    Aktivhotel Zentral

  4. Cavallino Bianco

    Cavallino Bianco

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