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There is hardly anything that attracts the attention of kids more than animals, whether they are in zoos, on the farm or in deer-parks.

South Tyrol has not got a zoo, but several wild parks and some “animal” experiences that are ideal for a family holiday. Experiencing animals from close quarters is a great adventure. In South Tyrol you can for instance experience donkey and lama trekking, or visit Castel Tirolo with its famous Bird Care Centre.

Moreover there are plenty of horse riding stables, making you discover South Tyrol from the horseback. The docile haflinger horses are ideal horse breeds and for making a horseback ride together with your beloved ones. Another occasion to experience animals is the return of the cattle from the Alpine pastures in autumn, an event in which you can admire highly adorned cows. When the cattle comes back from the Alpine pastures, there is always a huge celebration in South Tyrol.

  1. Kaserhof and lama trekking

    Kaserhof and lama trekking

    The Kaserhof in Soprabolzano on the Renon is famous for its full-blooded Arab…
  2. Bird Care Centre at Castel Tirolo

    Bird Care Centre at Castel Tirolo

    “Gufyland”, that is how the Bird Care Centre at Castel Tirolo is called. In this…
  3. Rainguthof farm in Caprile

    Rainguthof farm in Caprile

    Caprile near Tesimo, in the beautiful area of Merano, is a little paradise for…
  4. Reindeer on Mt Croda Rossa

    Reindeer on Mt Croda Rossa

    Rudolf and his reindeer friends from Finland can be experienced at close range in…
  5. Red deer game enclosure and Tre Fontane

    Red deer game enclosure and Tre Fontane

    If you are lucky and a patient observer, in the game reserves of the Val Venosta,…
  6. Gustav Mahler game reserve

    Gustav Mahler game reserve

    Deer, lynxes, eagle owls and many more animals can be admired in the game reserve…

Suggested accommodations

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    Cavallino Bianco

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    Aktivhotel Zentral

  3. Hotel Edelweiß

    Hotel Edelweiß

  4. Gallhaus


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