Reindeer at the Croda Rossa

Rudolf and his reindeer friends from Finland can be experienced at close range in the area of the Corda Rossa in Sesto.

Lovely four-legged Nordic animals, directly imported from Finland, can be experienced in the area of the Croda Rossa in Sesto. This is where Rudolf and his friends have been living for several years now. When you visit this area, you can experience the animals at close range. In winter the Croda Rossa is a small but mighty skiing area, and you almost do not believe it when you ski on the slopes and immediately see a reindeer standing in the middle of a ski run. At the Croda Rossa, this is not a dream, but reality, as Rudolf and his friends also need to do a walk from time to time.

Not only sleigh rides with the Nordic animals are offered, but also public animal feedings. The sympathetic reindeer at the Corda Rossa really feel at ease in their new home, a fact that is proven by the animal offsprings that could be registered in the last years. By the way, the animals are unique in Italy, an encounter that really might become an adventure.

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