Nature parks for kids

Daksy, the smart badger, walks abroad in the nature park visitor’s centres of South Tyrol.

Museum visits… rather a no-no for kids. An animal that makes the visitors’ centres of the seven nature parks in South Tyrol more interesting is Daksy, the smart badger, who knows the nature parks inside out. Daksy, however, can not only be met in the visitors’ centres, but it has also a website in German and Italian language, on which you get to know more about nature parks and its inhabitants.

Useful information on mountain rivers, bush-woods, pine forests, deserts of rocks and ice, ponds, the Spring Valley, hedges and brushes, meadows and Alpine pastures as well as the animals that live in and on, such as brown trouts, eagle owls and European adders, are provided. Nature can be sooooo interesting, thanks to Daksy, the smart badger!

Further information:
Three Peaks visitor centre, phone: +39 0474 973017
Fanes-Senes-Braies visitor centre, phone: +39 0474 506120
Puez-Odle visitor centre, phone: +39 0472 842523
Vedrette di Ries-Aurina visitor centre, phone: +39 0474 677546
Sciliar-Catinaccio visitor centre, phone: +39 0471 642196
Gruppo di Tessa visitor centre, phone: +39 0471 668201
Monte Corno visitor centre, phone: +39 0471 869247

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