eidechse im wald
eidechse im wald

Protected Fauna in South Tyrol

The South Tyrolean Nature Conservation Act contains the list of protected wild animal species in the country

South Tyrol, with its numerous nature parks, magnificent mountains and dense forests, is a habitat for numerous animal and plant species. The South Tyrol Museum of Nature in Bolzano is dedicated to them, among others, and brings you closer to the diversity in the country. Among the species protected in South Tyrol according to the Provincial Nature Conservation Act 6/2010 are:

  • mole (Talpa europea)
  • slow worm (Anguis fragilis)
  • marsh snail (Vertigo angustior)
  • round-mouthed whorl snail (Vertigo genesii)
  • river mussel (Unionidae)

as well as 10 different grasshopper species, 6 beetle species and 42 butterfly species

... and also all the following species that can be found in South Tyrol:

  • snakes (Serpentes)
  • lizards (Lacertidae)
  • frogs (Rana, Hyla)
  • toads (Bufonidae)
  • salamanders (Salamandridae)
  • newts (Triturus)
  • dragonflies (Odonata)
  • oil beetles (Meloe spp.)
  • kingfishers (Limenitis spp.)
  • purple emperor butterfly (Apatura spp.)

Bear and wolf, on the other hand, which have roamed through South Tyrol from time to time for only a few years now, are strictly protected by EU laws. This also includes the lynx, which does not occur in South Tyrol.

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