Encounter with a Wolf

The largest representative of the dog species, the wolf, has also been seen more frequently again in South Tyrol in recent years

For more than a century, the wolf had disappeared from South Tyrol's forests, before a few specimens from central and north-western Italy, south-eastern France, Switzerland and the Veneto region returned in the last 10 years. In 2018, 13 different specimens were detected in the region on the basis of genetic samples.

You probably won't catch sight of these shy animals, as their territory can cover several 100 sq km. On alpine pastures and meadows, however, they sometimes leave behind a picture of devastation, which is to be counteracted with wolf monitoring, herding dogs and herd protection. Bear, lynx (which does not exist in South Tyrol) and wolf are strictly protected by EU laws.

Wolf sighting:

  • Never attract or feed wild animals in principle
  • Normally the wolf will retreat by itself
  • Remain calm and retreat, do not approach under any circumstances
  • Keep in sight and do not turn your back on it
  • Do not crowd or approach the animal
  • If you feel uncomfortable, stand up and make yourself tall
  • Shouting or clapping hands can drive the animal away
  • If a wolf approaches people, it is usually a young animal

Reports of wolf sightings, even if unlikely as mentioned above, can be sent to the Office for Hunting and Fishing of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, phone: +39 0471 415170 / 71.

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