Cycling tour from Cornaiano to Predonico and Gaido

The little villages of Predonico and Gaido are located at 800 m and 900 m asl and can be reached via the mountain road of Appiano.

In the centre of Cornaiano we proceed towards S. Michele and turn right towards the Maria Rast trail. This trail takes us across fruit orchards to the bypass, which must be traversed. We follow the road signs to Appiano Monte and Predonico. We proceed through the centre of S. Michele and up the little mountain road in higher realms, across vineyards in the area of S. Paolo and S. Michele.

Past several castles, residences and mansions, one of which is Castel Freudenstein visible from afar, we proceed the way up, the sun makes us sweat. The shady forest is approaching and starts at the altitude of the Kreuzstein tavern. Forests and fruit orchards alternate when we proceed past the artificial lake of Predonico. This settlement catches the sight above all by its striking church, in the middle of lushly green meadows. At the Lipp tavern we make a stop, this tavern is located about 1 km further in a panoramic location, providing a great view on Bolzano and the Dolomites.

The last section to Gaido makes us sweat again: steep passages on narrow roads and several valleys have to be overcome, until we reach the church of the Fourteen Auxiliary Saints. Here, at the idyllic Moarhof farm, we have reached our final destination. The descend is absolved within a very short time and is absolutely great, also due to the astonishingly beautiful view.

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Please note: If you would like to do this cycling tour, inform yourselves about the current hiking conditions on the spot.

Starting point: Cornaiano (centre)
Travel time: about 2 hours (ascend)
Length of the course: 12.5 km (each direction)
Altitude difference: about 600 m
Surface: asphalted road (suitable for all types of bicycles)
Altitude: between 390 and 920 m asl
Experienced: May 2011
Further information: for further information don’t hesitate to ask your host

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