Mountain hike to the Giogo Tasca

An excursion into the high mountains of the Val Senales valley, to the Giogo Tasca mountain (Taschenjöchl) at 2,771 m asl. and the Lago Nero lake. And a visit to the rustic Malga Bergl mountain hut at the end of the tour.

About 1,000 m in altitude we have to manage during this hike in the Val Senales valley where we will experience different high alpine landscapes. Our starting point is the parking space at the Masi del Cóvolo farms (Köflhöfe) shortly before the village of Maso Corto, at the head of the valley. Here we follow the path no. 5 which proceeds constantly uphill along the forested slope until we have reached the Val di Lagaun valley. Right after the bridge across the Lagaun Creek we follow the path to the Giogo Tasca mountain (markers 4 and A4) which proceeds steeply uphill along the rocky slope above the timberline. Curve for curve the path leads us up to more than 2,700 m asl., to the cross near the Giogo Tasca summit, where still remains of the Rif. Heilbronn mountain hut can be found, destroyed by a fire in 1933.

We enjoy a 360 degree view on the Lagaun Glacier, la Palla Bianca (Weißkugel), Punta di Finale (Fineilspitze), Lake Vernago, Tessa group and the southern Saldura mountain group. Straight below us, a little mountain lake is situated, called Lake Nero (Schwarze Lacke). About 100 m in altitude we have to climb down to reach the lake. We wonder, why the lake is called “Black Lake” because it sparkles blue and turquoise. From a crest we can also watch the back Val Silandro valley where Lake Còrzes is located. Now we hike back to the Giogo Tasca and follow path no. 5 downhill to the Bergl Mountain Hut, a very nice and rustic hut, where we take a rest and enjoy local delicacies. Always following path no. 5 we come back to the parking space again, our starting point.

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If you want to do this mountain hike, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Maso Corto (Köflhöfe farms)
Route: Val di Lagaun valley, Giogo Tasca (Taschenjöchl), Lake Nero, Giogo Tasca, Malga Bergl hut, Masi del Cóvolo farms
Markers: 5, 4, 5
Distance: approx. 12 km
Walking time: about 5 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 1,000 m
Altitude level: between 1,940 and 2,780 m asl.
Experienced in: beginning of September 2016

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