San Vigilio

Between the larger villages of Castelrotto and Fiè allo Sciliar, there is the locality of San Vigilio.

An awesome panoramic view on the Sciliar, that is to say on the UNESCO World Heritage natural site, can be enjoyed from San Vigilio. This component locality of the municipality of Castelrotto hides in the gorge of the Rio Froetscher river and has got about 100 inhabitants. The farms and buildings are spread all over the meadows and the dense forest. The chruch of S. Vigilio, for example, arises among the tree tops.

As small as the village might be, there is much to see and do. Beside the S. Vigilio chruch, you also have to visit the ruins of Castel Aichbach. Passionate golf players, however, find a playing ground in the east of San Vigilio.

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