Meltina village

The picturesque village of Meltina offers culture, nature and pure relaxation.

Meltina extends on the sun-drenched Salto-Monzoccolo and is surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape at 1,140 m asl. The fragrant coniferous forests, the bright larch forests of the Salto and the meadows covered by a sea of flowers make you spend your holidays in the great outdoors.

Settled already by the Celts, Meltina harkens back on a long settlement history. The term Meltina derives from the the Langobard castellum Maletum, which has been destroyed by the Franks in the 6th century.

The parish church of Meltina has been converted to Baroque style in the 15th century, in 1651 it was enlarged in Renaissance style. Worth noticing inside is the coronation of Mary at the high altar as well as the predella at the side altar, illustrating the death of Mary and painted by the Michael Pacher school. Those of you who love nature are going to feel at ease in the fossil museum of Meltina.

Meltina is also famous for the breeding of Haflinger horses. In 1904 a Haflinger horse breeding corporation was founded in the municipality.

Our tip: Meltina offers the highest located Champagne cellar of Europe. The “Arunda“ was founded in 1979 and can be visited.

Suggested accommodations: Meltina village

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    Hotel Zum Löwen

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