Riomolino is considered the new centre of the municipality of Lagundo and is located at 320-350 m asl.

Located at the left Adige riverside, the village of Riomolino has evolved into a thriving place in the last few years. Today it is considered the new centre of the municipality, as it is also the seat of the town-hall and several administrative facilities.

One of the most distinctive facilities of Riomolino is its new parish church, dedicated to S. Joseph and rising in the centre of the village. In fact, this church is one of the most modern churches of the Alpine are and a masterpiece for contemporary architecture. This piece of art was planned by the architect Dr. Willi Gutweniger and realised between 1966 and 1971. One of the more ancient constructions is the Maria Steinach monastery, located at the western edge of Riomolino. Constructed in 1241, the monastery is today run by the Dominican nuns.

However, not only those who love culture can look forward to a visit of Riomolino, but also those who love to spend their days under the open sky. Cycling tours across the fruit orchards, hikes in the mountains or a pleasant walk, you will be spoilt for choice.

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