Plars di Mezzo

On the slope underneath the Roggia di Lagundo trail, there is the little hamlet of Plars di Mezzo.

Situated at 400 m asl on a slope in the west of the main village of Lagundo, there is the hamlet of Plars di Mezzo, surrounded by fruit orchards and forests. Due to its mild climate, spring draws in very early in this place, making it a pleasure to spend your spring holidays under the open sky. What you absolutely don’t have to miss is the Roggia di Lagundo trail, a 6 km long hiking trail stretching along a former field irrigation canal.

Castel Plars, however, attracts those who are interested in culture. The origins of the castle date back to the 14th century. Also seated in Plars di Mezzo is the diary Algunder Sennerei, which can also be experienced in a visit. Those who aim higher, can simply take the one-seated funicular from Plars di Mezzo to Velloi, taking you to higher realms.

Our tip: If you love bouldering, we recommend you the so-called Schlunderstein rock, which can be reached in a homonymous walk, ideal for all your family.

Suggested accommodation: Plars di Mezzo

  1. Schloss Plars

    Schloss Plars

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