Plars di Sopra

This picturesque village of the municipality of Lagundo is located underneath the Roggia di Lagundo trail.

Plars di Sopra belongs to Lagundo and stretches from 390 to 550 m asl on a lovely slope above the main village of Lagundo, surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards. A jewel of this hamlet is the small but mighty S. Ulrico chapel, a picturesque late-Gothic construction. Despite of the fact that is was first mentioned in 1493, it is supposed to be much older.

Also the famous trail Roggia di Lagundo (Waalweg) takes its course from this village. The 6 km long walking trail stretches along a former field irrigation canal and is also a special experience for kids. What we can also recommend is a visit to Castel Plars.

Suggested accommodations: Plars di Sopra

  1. Pension Plarserhof

    Pension Plarserhof

  2. Pensione Oberangerhof
    Guest house

    Pensione Oberangerhof

  3. Hotel Avidea

    Hotel Avidea

  4. Wiedmairhof


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