Lagundo village

The idyllic village of Lagundo is surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards, located close to the spa town of Merano.

The village of Lagundo is located at 350 m asl and and directly borders on the spa town of Merano. Benefiting from the mild, rather Mediterranean climate, apple trees and vineyards, but also palm trees and olive trees flourish. Not for nothing Lagundo is considered to be the “garden village” or “grapevine village”.

The ancient parish church dedicated to S. Ippolito and Erardo, boasts some precious jewels inside. This church was realised in three different construction periods and comprises stylistic elements of the Romantic, Gothic and Baroque period.

From Lagundo, many walking trails stretch in the surroundings and up to the Gruppo di Tessa nature park. Particularly popular is the Roggia di Lagundo (Waaöweg) trail, stretching above the village.

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  1. Hotel Ultenerhof

    Hotel Ultenerhof

  2. Pension Morenfeld
    Guest house

    Pension Morenfeld

  3. Pension Hauenstein
    Guest house

    Pension Hauenstein

  4. Residence Hirzer

    Residence Hirzer

  5. Heinrichshof


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