Ciardes is the second largest village of the municipality and was originally called “Sardes”.

Ciardes (625 m asl, 680 m asl), the second largest village of the municipality of Castelbello-Ciardes, used to be an independent village up to 1928, year in which the above mentioned villages were affiliated. Of even more ancient origins than its big brother Castelbello, at least regarding the toponym “Sardes” it is considered to date back to 1188. Ciardes rises on a debris cone at the slopes of the Sonnenberg, the most sun-drenched slope of the Val Venosta.

As mainly rural village, Ciardes is has become a touristic destination: in fact this area is becoming more and more popular, especially the sun-drenched region of Ciardes surrounded by fruit orchards, an eye-catcher in every season of the year.
What you also should not miss is a walk across the so-called “Schnalswaal”, a path along an anient irrigation canal that stretches across the chestnut trees of Ciardes and continues into the nearby Val Senales.

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