San Pietro Mezzomonte

At San Pietro Mezzomonte, close to Velturno, there is a waterfall cascading down into the valley.

Driving through the Valle Isarco valley and looking towards the mountain range on which Velturno is located, you can see a lovely waterfall cascading, which is part of the village of San Pietro Mezzomonte with its 125 inhabitants.

San Pietro Mezzomonte is located at 600 m asl, underneath the chief village of the municipality. In an instant you can reach the bottom of the valley and make a visit to Bressanone and Chiusa. Also can you reach Velturno on foot, e.g. along the Toerggele trail, which snakes its way past Castel Velturno, a construction in Renaissance style and former summer residence of the bishops of Bressanone.

The toponym San Pietro Mezzomonte, in German called Schrambach, first appeared around 1100 under the names “Scranbach” and “Schrembach”. The church of the village is dedicated to San Pietro Mezzomonte and has in part been constructed in Gothic style. It was by the way mentioned for the first time around 1248.

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