Castelfeder recreation area

The area above Ora is an ideal destination for hikes - the ruin of Castelfeder is namegiving for this area.

Castelfeder is located below Montagna, above Ora and close to the municipality of Egna. Parts of the popular excursion destination belong each to the above mentioned three villages. Hardly any soil can be found at the 190 m high porphyry hill and also the vegetation is respectively bleak, rather Mediterranean. Low bushes and steppe grass are typical for this area. In the biotope, along the hiking trails, there are low and high moors with a respectively high number of animal and plant species.

For children Castelfeder is an adventurous place, offering rocks for climbing, ruins and special animals and plants. For adults, however, it is ideal for recharging one’s batteries and taking a break from everyday life. As there are only few shade-giving trees it is recommendable to visit Castelfeder in spring or autumn.

At the top of this area, that can be reached in a hike of about 20 minutes, there are the ruins of a castle complex dating back to the period around 500 AD, including a “Fertility Slide”, the Saint Barbara chapel from the 6th century as well as circular wall. However, those who visit the top above all appreciate the panoramic view ranging from the Oltradige to the Bassa Atesina and the Chiusa di Salorno. In this beautiful spot of land you literally have the world at your feet.

Castle Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Castel Saltauserhof:

    San Martino in Passiria - Saltusio
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