Monte di Villandro

The slopes of the 2,509 m high Mt. Villandro descend to the Val Sarentino valley and to the Villandro Alp.

In the eastern ridge of the Sarentino Alps, Mt. Villandro - Villanderer Berg in German and Monte di Villandro in Italian - is located. The mountain, together with the Forcella Sarentina wind gap (2,460 m a.s.l.) and the more southerly located Mt. Cima dei Camosci (Chamois’ Peak, 2,155 m a.s.l.), falls quite steeply down to the Val Sarentino valley. On the other side, towards the Valle Isarco valley, it descends more gently to the Villandro Alp, one of the largest and most beautiful alpine pastures of South Tyrol and a popular hiking area.

In this area several mountain huts, like the Baita Gasser, the Rif. Mair in Plun and the “Am Rinderplatz” tavern can be found. The Pine Theme Path, however, offers interesting information about the mountain pines of the Villandro Alp and leads past a pine distillery. The mountain as well as the alpine pasture are named after the village of Villandro in the Valle Isarco valley.

On the way to the summit of Mt. Villandro, the Dead Lake and the Dead Chapel are located. A way of the cross proceeds up to this pilgrimage site at 2,186 m a.s.l., starting at the Baita Gasser mountain hut near Villandro. From this church called “Totenkirchl” it takes another 10 minutes to the Dead Lake and then one hour to the main peak of Mt. Villandro with its summit cross. The chapel, however, is also a popular destination for snowshoe hikers in winter.

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