Corno Bianco

The Corno Biano, also known as “Sarner Weisshorn”, is located in the northern part of the Sarentino Alps.

The 2,705 m high Corno Bianco in the northern Sarentino Alps is located between the Val Sarentino and the Val di Giovo, a side valley of the Alta Valle Isarco. Its slopes descend to the Sennerbergalm mountain pasture, the Oberbergtal valley in the Val Sarentino and to the Passo di Pennes and Giogo di Frane ridges.

The Corno Bianco was climbed in 1822 for the first time. Today the normal path proceeds from the 2,590 m high Giogo di Frane (Gerölljoch, in German) across the south flank to the summit. A bit of climbing is necessary. Starting point for this hike can be the Passo di Pennes ridge (2.5 hours), the Oberbergtal valley (possible also as demanding ski tour) or the Val Passiria.

The Corno Bianco is located along the so-called Horseshoe Tour, a high route which offers the possibility to hike through the Sarentino Alps within seven days. The mountain with its 2,705 m height is not the highest one in this area, but it offers a fantastic panoramic view so that it is well-known all around.

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