Monte Macaion

Mt Macaion, also called Gantkofel, is famous for its striking form and the panoramic view it offers down into the Val d’Adige.

The Mendola mountain ridge extends from the 1,518 m high Passo delle Palade, located in the south of Merano, to the Monte Roen rising right above the wine village of Termeno. Its form is slightly arc-shaped. The northern landmark of this arc is represented by the 1,866 m high Monte Macaion.

The steep rock faces of this strinking summit belonging to the Nonsberg Group in the background of the municipality of Appiano and Andriano provide an impressive panoramic view of the entire Val d’Adige, both of the Oltradige and Bassa Atesina, up to the valley basin of Merano. Beside the Penegal and Roen mountains, also Mt Macaion is equipped with several transmitting masts and radio transmitters.

The Monte Macaion, and with this mountain also the entire Mendola mountain ridge, is also well-known for the Sacred Heart Fires on a Sunday in June. On this special evening several fires illuminate the sky, remembering the Sacred Heart Vows of 1796 AD.

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