Sasso Nero

The Sasso Nero (3,368 m asl), or Schwarzenstein, is located on the Zillertal Main Ridge in the Aurine Alps.

The national border between Italy and Austria passes above the peak of the Sasso Nero. The south ridge is the slope that levels off towards the Valle Aurina in South Tyrol. The Sasso Nero is surrounded by high mountains: the Grosser Mörchner (3,283 m asl) in the north, the Floitenspitzen peaks (3,194 m asl) and Mt Lovello (3,376 m asl) in the north east as well as the Berliner Spitze peak (3,253 m asl) in the south west.

For a high alpine tour on the summit of the Sasso Nero you should consider that glaciated flanks are dangerous and you must carry high alpine equipment. The most simple route on this mountain begins at Lutago in Valle Aurina via Vittorio Veneto al Sasso Nero mountain hut (2,923 m asl). From there you can follow the route along the north east chine to the summit.

The Sasso Nero was first climbed in August 1852 by first lieutenant Langner and his assistants in the course of land surveying. Six years later, however, the alpine guide Georg Samer and the alpinists Anton von Ruthner, Josef Daum and Ludwig von Barth scaled the peak starting from Ginzling in North Tyrol.

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