Why don’t you explore South Tyrol in a mobile home?

Have you ever enjoyed the feeling of absolute freedom and slept and relaxed wherever you wanted? If you haven’t, well, then just leave home with a tend, caravan or camper and choose your destination while travelling. And a nice barbecue in the evening with friends rounds up a perfect day …

Camping has become a highly common and beloved activity and many call it even the best way of making holidays. To camp in the wilderness and live out there for several days may even be quite adventurous. But obviously there are several camping sites in South Tyrol promising some wonderful relaxing holidays!

Numerous areas, situated e.g. around a lake, in the middle of the countryside or even at a higher altitude, provide every comfort you need for your holidays. If you are travelling with a tend, caravan or want to book a bungalow… South Tyrol will cater for all your needs.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Golserhof

    Hotel Golserhof

  2. Hotel Gassenhof

    Hotel Gassenhof

  3. Hotel Tratterhof

    Hotel Tratterhof

  4. Hotel Der Waldhof

    Hotel Der Waldhof

  5. Hotel Stephanshof

    Hotel Stephanshof

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