Red deer game enclosure and Tre Fontane

If you are lucky and a patient observer, in the game reserves of the Val Venosta, animals can be watched in their natural habitat.

In Trafoi all’Ortles and Fragges near Stelvio, there are two game enclosures, where red deer live and can be observed in their natural habitat. Red deer are considered to be rather shy and in our civilisation they transformed into a night active animal For this reason it is rather hard to get to see these animals during the day, above all on hot summer days. Early in the morning, however, adventuresome families might be so lucky to enjoy watching these shy animals.

If your observations might demands too much patience from your kids, we recommend you to proceed to the pilgrimage site Tre Fontane with its little chapels along a mountain river. This is where your kids are going to play, rage and riot for hours. From Trafoi, Tre Fontane is only 3 km away, it also offers barbecue areas in the forest.

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