From Predoi to the Lago Selva

Mountain walk on the sunny side of the Valle Aurina to the Malga Waldneralm and the Selva lake at the foot of the Monte Fumo.

Starting point of our walk is the parking space underneath the church in the village of Predoi, in the rear Valle Aurina. From the centre we follow the signposts to the Malga “Waldner Alm” mountain hut, first along the asphalted road. Above the roofs of Predoi this road becomes a forested trail, leading across the forest. In high summer, the shade is pure delight even in the rear Valle Aurina.

Soon a little path branches turns off on the left, signposted “Waldner Alm”. This path is quite exhausting, as it steeply leads us through the needle forest, over hedge and ditch. When the forest clears up, we reach the forested trail again and also the Waldner Alm is visible. From this mountain hut you enjoy a fabulous view of the surrounding mountain scenery.

From the mountain hut we continue on a well-groomed hiking path, leading us through a protected wetland area, traversed by a mountain river. The hollow of the lake where we are going to is already visible, which motivates us for the last metres of altitude difference. At the lakeside, it is high time for an extended stop. Absolutely refreshing is the water temperature.

The lake is over-towered by the Sauwipfel mountian and the more famous Monte Fumo. By the way, the Lago Selva lake covers an area of 5 hectares and is the largest of the valley. In our walk down, we stop for a bite to eat at the mountain hut. Then we choose the forested trail for our walk back down to the valley.

Indication: there is also a bus service to the Malga Waldner Alm. The phone number can be found in the first bend on the road.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions.

Starting point: Predoi
Route: Predoi - Malga Waldner - Lago Selva lake - Waldner Alm mountain hut - Predoi
Signposts: 16B, 15A
Altitude difference: 950 m
Walking time: 2.5 h way up, about 1 h 45 min way down (total 4 h 15 min)
Length of the course: about 10 km
Experienced: August 2011
Family-friendly? bus service to the mountain hut
Further information: tourist office Valle Aurina, tel.: +39 0474 671136,

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