Ski tour to Mount Saxner

Easy ski tour in the Valle di Racines, also suitable for less experienced athletes.

In order to get to the starting point of our ski tour, we drive to Racines towards Vallettina. The tour starts at a forested road that turns off in the place where the road to Vallettina starts descending (new parking spaces have recently been built). For about 20 minutes we walk along the the forested road towards south east, across the clear forest. Across another section in the forest we reach the free line and head for the open country (1,800 m asl).

Now we head for a striking hollow that shows us the right direction. In case of less secure conditions, be sure to walk on the back of the mountain. Once you reach the ridge, continue on foot across towards the highest point of Mount Saxner, providing a great view on the mountains of Racines and the Val Passiria.

Author: BS

Important: if you want to do this ski tour please take information about the current conditions (snow and weather situation, avalanche risk) on site!

Starting point: parking space along the road to Vallettina
Character: easy and not too long ski tour with nice slopes in the upper part
Walking time: about 2 hours 15 min.
Orientation of the slopes: N
Altitude difference: 860 m
Rest point:
Experienced in: January 2012
Further information: tourist association Racines, phone: +39 0472 760 608

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