Snowshoe tour in Valtina

Valtina, in the Val Passiria valley, is ideal for snowshoe hikes in winter, for example from the Jägerhof hotel to Vannes and the Seebergalm alpine pasture.

Starting at the Jägerhof hotel we follow the Monte Giovo mountain pass road into the valley for about 500 m, until the sharp turn, where the walking path branches to the right and leads us to the Wanserhof tavern in about 25 minutes. For a short section we follow the cross-country ski track out of the valley, cross the stream and take the path no. 12 to the Seilertal valley. After about 1.5 km we reach the branch to the Seebergalm and walk uphill through the forest until the mountain hut at 1,700 m asl. Here we enjoy a fantastic panoramic view on the surrounding alpine world and the Monte Giovo mountain pass road at the northern valley side.

Now there are two possibilities at choice: either we carry on uphill to the Wanser Alm or we go back until the branch below of the Sailerhof. We take the second possibility and follow then the winter hiking trail at the bottom of the valley. It leads past the Auerhof inn, where we make a stop. Just before the ski slope (Stockit Winterpark) we take the path no. 18 which leads uphill to the Jägerhof hotel again. This snowshoe hike promises quiet and plenty of nature with rather little effort. The view on the snowy landscape, meadows, woods and farms is a blessing for body and soul.

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Important: if you want to do this snowshoe tour please take information about the current conditions (snow and weather situation, avalanche risk) on site!

Starting point: Valtina, Jägerhof hotel
Route: Jägerhof - Vannes - Sailerhof - Seebergalm - Sailerhof - Auerhof - Jägerhof
Markers: 12, 18
Distance: approx. 9 km
Walking time: about 3 hours
Altitude difference: approx. 440 m
Altitude level: between 1,340 and 1,720 m asl
Experienced in: February 2016
Further information: tourist association Val Passiria valley, phone: +39 0473 656 188

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