Parcines village

A museum in the village is dedicated to the founder of the typewriter Peter Mitterhofer, citizen of Parcines.

The village of Parcines is located on a 7,000-year old debris cone in the lower Val Venosta, at 642 m asl. The most famous citizen of Parcines is undoubtedly Peter Mitterhofer, the father of the typewriter. The typewriter museum of Parcines, exhibiting various kinds of typing machines such as the first model is dedicated to the genius.

Moreover there are several other historical buildings that are worth mentioning. The Stachelburg, the Spauregg residence, Gaudententurm residence as well as the parish church of Parcines, to mention only some of these sights. Dedicated to S. Pietro, Paolo and Nicolò, the church was first mentioned in 1264. Those who love nature are invited to make a walk to the waterfall of Parcines, cascading about 97 m into the depth.

By the way, the modern Texelbahn funicular transports passangers from Parcines to the mountain station at the Gigglberg. This is where you can best experience the Gruppo di Tessa mountains and walk along the Alta Via Meranese, the charming high path in this mountain range.

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