The high rope course Kronaction and Lake Issengo make your holidays a memorable experience.

Issengo is located at 986 m asl and dates back to the year 1,100, when it was first mentioned under the name „Issingun“. By the way, Issengo is the birth place of the minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein, who was born in Castel Schöneck in 1377.

Issengo is not boring at all, as there are several leisure facilities such as the bathing pond of Issengo and the nearby high-rope course Kronaction, where you can rage and riot among the treetops on 8 different courses of various degrees of difficulty.

Close to the adventure park, herbs odour and flowers flourish, in the herb garden Bergila, where herbs are cultivated biologically. These herbs are the basis for the production of natural products such as pine oil and herb salt. Aren’t that great souvenirs to take home?

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