Colle Isarco

Colle Isarco has always been a place where travellers used to stop. Already Henrik Ibsen appreciated the benefits of the former climatic spa.

About 10 km in the south of the Brennero, there is Colle Isarco, the chief village of the municipality. Inhabited by 2,000 people, it is located at 1,098 m asl and used to be a place where travellers already stopped 4,000 years ago. Beside Merano, Colle Isarco used to be the main climatic spa in Tyrol. One of the most re-known guests of Colle Isarco was probably Henrik Ibsen.

The most glorious days for Colle Isarco were, however, much earlier, so to speak from the Middle Ages to 1818, year when the mine in Fleres shut down. Probably also the German name “Gossensaß” dates back to this period, as “Gotzen” means miner and “Sass” stands for “seat”.

Worth seeing are the Baroque parish church and the S. Barbara chapel, the altar of the latter is a jewel of the golden mining period. Every Sunday in summer months guided tours are offered. Also a visit of Castel Strada and the Ibsen museum should be on your holiday planner.

According to a saying, snow falls very early in Colle Isarco, in exchange it keeps up longer. This makes the village particularly attractive in winter. The nearby located Ladurno skiing area offers slopes for every taste, while off the slopes you can enjoy hiking and ski touring, e.g. in the near Val di Fleres.

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